Don't Go Cheap When Replacing Tires

If you notice that your car's tires are in need of a change, or if you get a flat tire, it can be tempting to go to a local used tire shop to take care of the problem. If it is an emergency and money is tight, this might be your only solution. However, you should immediately start saving or make arrangements to get the tire replaced properly. Here are just a few reasons it will save you money in the long run.


A new tire is going to last much longer than a used one. You can never be sure just how used the one you bought is. It might have had a hole repaired. Even though the tread may look good, any damage or holes mean the tire is not going to last as long as a new one. You might end up spending more on a bunch of used tires than you would have spent to just get a new one.

Additional Services

While you might have to pay an extra fee for a service package, it can be well worth it. Most used tire places will change a tire for you, but that is all they will do. To ensure safety and help your tire last longer, there are a number of services that should be done. When you have your tires changed at a complete tire service station, the initial services are included in the change. Some services will be free for the life of your tire, and some will include in a one-time package fee. These services include:

  • Tire balancing – Unbalanced tires add stress to them and to the car's suspension
  • Tire rotation – Tires do not wear evenly. Having them rotated keeps them from wearing down in one area; extending the life of them
  • Alignment – Bumps, holes, and other obstacles you drive over can affect the alignment of the tires. Without proper alignment, steering can become difficult, especially if you need to swerve or turn in a hurry.
  • Flat repair -  Many places offer free flat repair or replacement of the tire for a specified number of miles.

If you are not offered any services with a tire change, be sure to ask about them. Make sure you have a contract or some type of document that details exactly what is included. All the services, even if you have to pay for a package, will extend the life of the tires. This can save quite a bit of money over time.

Having worn or damaged tires increases the risk of a blowout that can cause an accident. It is never safe to drive around on bad tires. Keep your family safe and save money by always going to a full-service tire shop. For more information or assistance, contact companies like T & F Tire Supply Inc.