3 Things To Consider When Purchasing New Alloy Wheels For Your Car

If you have purchased a vehicle with stock wheels, you may be interested in upgrading them to something more stylish. When it comes to wheels, you can choose from steel, aluminum, or alloy. Alloy wheels are widely considered to be the best wheels available. If you're planning on investing in new alloy wheels for your vehicle, consider the following things:


It is important to purchase the right size wheels for your vehicle, especially if you are paying the higher cost for alloy wheels. While some people like to put wheels on that are much larger than the stock wheels, this is not always a good idea. It may be the look that some like, but if the wheels are too large, there can be problems with the rolling radius of the wheels and tires and there may be issues with the speedometer and other monitoring sensors working properly. It is a good idea to learn more about the wheel size options for your make and model to ensure that you purchase alloy wheels that are the right size.


One of the best things about alloy wheels is the fact that there are so many unique styles available. Consider what color wheel you would like -- black and silver tend to be two of the most popular options for buyers. You will probably want to spend some time shopping around in order to see the different styles offered by different manufacturers. There are many different spoke patterns available, from simple spokes to intricate designs.


In addition to there being a variety of styles available, alloy wheels also come in several different finishes. You can choose between gloss, polished, or matte finish. The type of finish you choose will dictate how much maintenance and cleaning your wheels will need. Polished wheels look great, but they tend to need to be cleaned more often since dirt and debris show more on this type of surface.

No matter what type of finish you choose when purchasing alloy wheels, you will want to know how to clean them properly so you don't damage them. In most cases, using a mixture of gentle dish soap and water works great for cleaning alloy wheels -- just use a microfiber cloth or sponge. Try to avoid using any type of harsh cleaners when cleaning alloy wheels, since strong chemicals may damage the finish of the wheels over time.

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