7 Things To Know About Your Car Tires This Winter

You may not have realized it if you grew up in an area with mild weather, but winter can be rough on your car. You may have noticed some changes if you have since moved to a colder area. Here are a few things you need to know about your tires if you live somewhere where it is incredibly cold.

1. Your tire pressure may be lower on winter days.

Cold days can actually influence your tire pressure to a dangerous level. If you have a monitor for your tire pressure built into your car, you will notice this right away. Otherwise, you might need to check for yourself. You may be able to stop this by keeping your car in the garage.

2. Driving with lower tire pressure can influence your gas mileage.

When you drive on underinflated tires, you will not have the good gas mileage you are used to. If you notice lower mileage, you should certainly check out your tire pressure.

3. Driving in the cold on low tires increases wear.

In fact, the friction from the road can increase against your tire, potentially leading to a blowout.

4. When you drive, your pressure may show up as normal.

After driving for a few minutes, you may notice your tire pressure monitor turn off. This is deceiving. You still need to check your tire pressure.

5. A mechanic or tire specialist can help you.

It is important to have a tire specialist check out your car, even if the pressure light is off. The weather may still be affecting your tires and thus your safety.

6. Keep a spare tire, lug wrench, and jack in your car.

If you do experience a blowout or other serious problem with your tires, you want to have all of this handy. You do not want to be left sitting on the side of the road in the cold waiting for a tow truck.

7. Carry chains in the winter.

Chains are mandatory in some areas during snowy times, even for cars with all-weather tires. If you live somewhere it is likely to snow, you should carry chains in your trunk with your other emergency supplies.

Your tires may be easy to see, but for some reason they often go overlooked. This winter, you certainly do not want to forget about the significance of your tires. Have questions about your tires and how well they work in the winter? It is important to talk to a professional about your potential tire issues so that you don't find yourself stuck on the side of the road. Contact a local tire store for more information.