How To Properly Store Summer Tires In Winter

There's very few things that you can do that are more dangerous than using your summer tires in the winter. The colder weather drastically reduces their performance and greatly increases the chances of an accident. However, when you put your summer tires into storage after switching them out for winter ones, you need to ensure that they are stored in the proper conditions so that they are still able to perform once the good weather returns.

Don't Go Cheap When Replacing Tires

If you notice that your car's tires are in need of a change, or if you get a flat tire, it can be tempting to go to a local used tire shop to take care of the problem. If it is an emergency and money is tight, this might be your only solution. However, you should immediately start saving or make arrangements to get the tire replaced properly. Here are just a few reasons it will save you money in the long run.

How To Handle A Flat Tire While Driving

If it's your first tire blowout, you may wonder what the best steps are to avoid damage to your car. Here is a guide to dealing with a blowout. Step 1: Decide Whether to Use the Spare Hopefully, you have an emergency spare tire kit in your car. It may be under the surface of your trunk. Consult your car's user manual to find out how to access your car's spare tire kit.